Caravela is a type of ship created by the Portuguese; it's a fast and agile vessel that enabled them to discover new worlds. As the Portuguese did centuries ago, so too can you expand your horizons in this platform.

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What can Caravela teach me?

The program is divided into 3 modules: "Culture & History", "Sounds & Pronunciation" and "Vocabulary & Grammar". Each module is composed of several chapters and at least one questionnaire to consolidate your knowledge. You can freely jump between chapters to learn at your own pace. Don't expect to achieve a high level of Portuguese; this is meant as a small taste of what you could learn; a gateway for you to learn more if you so desire.

Why would I want to learn Portuguese?

6th most spoken language

There are 262 million native Portuguese speakers in the world and it's the official language of 10 countries worldwide.

Romance language

It shares a lot of similarities with other languages that also come from Latin, making it a good place to start learning those as well.

Culture and history

Portugal is the oldest country in Europe and was once a huge empire; its heritage is also taught in this platform.

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